The Dome Story

Dome Audio, LLC was established in 2017, and is currently located on the East Coast. Its founder and IP developer, Ben White, is a veteran of the music industry. His years as a pro musician, songwriter, and producer have fine-tuned his ears and understanding of the way music is created and should be felt. The culmination of his experience has produced an evolutionary technology only found in Dome headphones and Dome audio products.

"As a drummer, it's on me to keep the pocket. That means I must produce beats with the right pulse and energy for the audience to feel the music."

Seven patent-pending inventions held by Ben has produced original headphone designs, one of them being the unique breakaway Dome speakers. The idea of dome-shaped, over-the-ear speakers that re-attach reminded him of dome ceilings that open and close over sports stadium arenas.  Hence, the name Dome was born.

Dome headphones are “The Worlds First Dual Fidelity” and “Surround Sound Bone Conduction” headphones. Giving you the only listening experience that is indeed the Best of Both Worlds! #Feelthemusic