How it Works

Bone Conduction: How it Works

Bone conduction technology has been around for decades.  It works on the premises of vibration. With bone conduction speakers, sound doesn’t travel by air, as in conventional headphone, but rather by vibration through solid mediums. When bone conduction speakers are placed around the head, the vibration resonates the bones of the head,  producing an acoustic effect inside your head, unique to you. 


Dome Headphone uses this technology; however, we refer to it as “vibrational speakers”. In fact, we’ve developed the worlds first Surround Sound Bone Conduction Headphones™.


An example of how bone conduction works can be seen with Beethoven, the 18th century composer. Ludwig Van Beethoven eventually became almost completely deaf.  For him to hear, he would attach a flat rod to his piano while clenching it with his teeth.  He became aware of sound because the vibrations transferred from the piano to his jaw and bones of his head.  The sounds he heard were no longer dependent entirely on his ears.